Saturday, 13 June 2015

Installing Sunshine

It is raining again ..

I'm not going to let myself get down.

I'm not going to do the chasing of people.

Blogging crisis of faith I had this about 24 hours ago ~ sounds like a plot for an action series.

I suspect it's because I'm coming up to a year of my breakdown.

Don't worry I'm chipper.

I just wish friends came to me a little more ..

Why am I the one that goes to them ?

Odd I know as a solitary soul ! 

I suspect these ramblings are making as much sense as prunes and custard.

I'm finding my little world is spiralling out , not me but those I know.

Time to seek out new friendships ?

I'm not a fuzzy bunny type and I'm very shy ~ everything I do is out my comfort zone.

I could have slapped a motivational quote on the picture down below but you know what ~ motivation is sometimes within the picture !

I'm quite possibly at some sort of crossroads ~ I'm not giving up blogging oh no. 

I just need something else to seek.

How do you repurpose yourself ?


  1. Don't let your world spiral out of control! The fact you are writing it means you have some control over it.
    I know what you mean about being a solitary soul, but still wishing people would approach you! I'm just the same in real life (online world much easier to make friends and connect with people). I guess we should approach people, but it's easier said than done!

    1. You're always so wise !!
      Yes online is a much easier world x

  2. I am a solitary soul too but being shy doesn't help at all....I understand what you mean when you say "everything I do is out my comfort zone" I feel like that too! I think because we are bloggers and so open with our lives people automatically think that we are outgoing and confident in real life....I am so not!
    Hugs x

  3. I couldn't believe it when I saw the rain today yuck! Let's hope the sun comes back soon.

  4. I often find listening to the rain and doing nothing else what so ever quite peaceful x

  5. I repurpose myself by taking a break - this time that break as been longer than I had anticipated.. I needed it and continue to need it x

  6. oh i do hope the sunshine stays this summer , im determined to make the most of this years summer

  7. I take a break, go for a walk along the beach or somewhere I love - it always helps ((hugs))

  8. I repurpose by not forcing, take a break, have a rest, embrace the solitude & then be refreshed and ready

  9. No advice, I'm afraid - just sending a hug. x


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