Wednesday 17 June 2015

Poppy Fields Forever

If you're going to unplug just do it.

The world's pace is 100 miles an hour and it seems that many have lost their way in the world , normally when I go out I like to feel as if what I see is just my world and no one else's . I can see you are stressed and feeling out of place in the world so I'll let you share mine. 

I'm reaching out my hand.

I didn't take my phone with me today , so I couldn't document my steps , check my email and check the news and the worse one ~ stare at my emails as if my emails are a kind of demonic soothsayer. I did check my emails when I got home and asides an offer of marriage from Nigeria there really wasn't too much that had changed.

I'm reflective coming up to what is a turbulent time.

I've been stressed to the eye balls.

I'm on a level.

I'm reflective.

The countryside is my calming balm of a feral mood that I see myself in sometimes .

People ask me.

" Are you Ok ?"

They say this a lot.

Even when I'm as cool as a cucumber people ask , I think I've been so flighty it is the first impression I must ultimately give off.

We need to stop.

My minds eye is always looking off into the middle distance , and quite guilty I'll whip out what ever camera I have to hand and snap away.

How about for once.

We stop in that field of poppies waving in the air and look out into the middle distance together.

No need to worry alone we can do this together.

We can connect and ground ourselves with nature , I can hear it calling us

Let's go.

Let our eyes have a moveable feast.


  1. Such beautiful photographs. I tend to always have my phone glued to me so I need to take a step back and just look around me more. Grab a 'real' camera and document our life like that instead.

  2. I absolutely love your photos and I totally agree - I'm terrible with my emails and check them constantly and I'm not really sure why!

  3. What beautiful photos! It looks so peaceful and calming....

  4. You take such beautiful photographs and poppies are one of my favourite flowers.

  5. I wish we could see allowing time to be still and collect our thoughts as essential, in the same way we view other parts of life as essential.

  6. a lot to be said for leaving your phone at home, as long as you take your camera then you can keep blogging. Love the poppy picture


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